Keisuke Itoh

Born 30/10/86 in Japan. Freelance VR & 3DCG artist. After working as a graphic designer for a manufacturer, switched to freelance work from 2012. He is in the pursuit of warmness and a human touch in his CG unlike cold, conventional CG. 『Feather』 : Screened at 76th Venice International Film Festival , 『Grow』 : 2013 SIGGRAPH ASIA. Awarded the CG Student Awards as well as the TBS DigiCon6 Award etc.


76th Venice International Film Festival , The Biennale College Cinema VR
SIIGRAPH ASIA 2013 , Animation Theater
CG Students Awards 2013〔VFX / ANIMATION Category〕, Prize of HIGHLY COMMENTED , Finalist
MetLife Alico Contest , Grand Prix
TBS Digicon6 , HP and AMD Prize
DIGITAL FRONTIER GRAND PRIX 2013 , President's Award , Best Artdirection Award
The 3rd Isezaki Film Festival , Grand Prix
2012 Asia Digital Art Award , Winning a prize - Video Category
The 3rd Mita Film Festival , Business Vision Award , Academic Vision Award , Composer's Vision Award
2012 Multimedia Contents Award , Prize Of The TOKYO MX
2012 Asia Digital Art Award , Winning a prize - Still Image Category and Video Category
The 6th Child Animation Fecstival , Winning a prize
The 7th Child Animation Fecstival , Nominate

Japan Post Holdings "SARUMIX"〔CharacterDesign・CG・Animation〕
BS-TBS Saturday Night Movie - OP〔Direction〕
Dockyard Projection Mapping YOKOHAMA 2015 , Assistance〔ArtDirection〕
NHK "TSURUGA CASTLE Projection Mapping 2015" , Assistance〔CG・Animation〕
Dockyard Projection Mapping YOKOHAMA 2014 , Assistance〔Composit・Effect・Artdirection〕
NHK "TSURUGA CASTLE Projection Mapping 2014" , Assistance〔Animation・Composite〕
Pasco "MOTITTO ROLL" Charactar Movie , Assistance〔Animation・Composite〕
Panasonic "Neimar jr Movie" , Assistance〔Modeling〕
"YOKOHAMA ODYSSEY Projection Mapping 2013" , assistance〔Animation・Composite〕
Movie "SHORT PEACE" / A Farewell to Arms , Assistance〔Modeling〕
Jinbocho-Shugeibu / Accesary〔Hook Earrings 〕・Logo Mark
NHK "Kohaku-Utagassen" / SMAP "JOYMAP" , Assistance 〔Animation・Composite〕