About@Gallery TAGBOAT

Gallery TAGBOAT Inc. is the largest online contemporary art gallery in Japan, dealing mainly in paintings, prints, photographs as well as other artworks mediums. Over 50.000 visitors a month visit our website. Collectors, artists and dealers make up the largest group of viewers alongside the general public.  We offer more than 7.000 works for sale from over 1.000 artists, raging from internationally established artists to domestic emerging artists. We aim to introduce competitive platform for art market and find new avenues to promote Japanese contemporary art internationally.

Our business platform is as follows:

• Online gallery as a sales agent
• Online secondary market gallery
• Promoting artists online
• Exhibition Organizer

Online gallery as a sales agent
Our online gallery acts as a sales agent for affiliated commercial galleries. Over 50 leading Japanese galleries introduce their highly recommended and selected contemporary artists, showcasing their works on our e-commerce site.  Our website functions are not only as means for finding artworks, but also as a source for finding information on the cutting-edge contemporary art scene in Japan.
Online secondary market gallery
We provide artworks in secondary market, specializing in limited edition prints and paintings by leading artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jean- Micheal Basquiat, Damien Hirst, Nara Yoshitomo, Kusama Yayoi, among others.  We have a worldwide network for acquisition of artworks enough to meet the needs of our customers. Our specialists select only the best artworks, therefore these are guaranteed for quality and condition.
For emerging artists
We work towards discovering and promoting emerging artists, providing them with the service to show and sell their artworks online, as well as the tools to communicate with galleries, collectors and other artists directly on the web. This unique system enables artists to present their works to worldwide mass viewers with ever-growing connectivity of the internet.
*Online service is available only for artists in Japan.
Exhibition Organizer
We offer support and advice to artists who wish to promote their work professionally. We launched two art events in 2008 in order to support them. The first one, Young Artist Japan, is a venue where artists are able to exhibit and sell their works to the market directly. The second one is a contemporary art awards event, where prizes are awarded to the artists chosen by prominent juror in the art industry.
It is a public subscription exhibition that was designed for young artists to express and communicate themselves to visitors directly. We provide the artists with spaces to exhibit and sell their works. We presented more than 1.000 works from over 100 artists in first event in 2008. The unique aspect of this event is that the sale will be conducted simultaneously on our website through the year. Although the art fair lasts two days, it still enables the participants to conduct sales in the long-term.  
TAGBOAT Award is a contemporary art award for talented emerging artists chosen from a large number of entries by leading gallerists, art critics and artists. We will also offer the artists a good selling platform and promotion medium for their work along with the website.  

Introduction of Staff @ Gallery Tagboat

• Mr Kenji Tokumitsu, CEO
• Ms Hanae Takekata, Dealing manager
• Ms Shoko Umemura, Web Director

Corporate Profile

Company Name : Gallery TAGBOAT Inc.
Established : Septemper 2008
Outline of Business : Internet Gallery of Contemporary Arts
Head Office : Kamiyama building 2F,1-1-8 Ningyocho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
Capital : JPY 10,000,000
Representative Director and CEO : Kenji Tokumitsu

關於@Gallery TAGBOAT

Gallery TAGBOAT Inc. 是日本最大的網路現代藝術畫廊,專門銷售畫作、版畫、攝影、以及其他媒材的作品。每月有超過50,000訪客光臨我們的網站。我們的主要客戶包括收藏家、藝術家和畫商以及一般大眾。我們提供超過7,000件作品販售,來自超過1,000多名國際知名以及國內新興藝術家。我們致力於提供藝術市場一個有競爭力的平台以及一個新的管道來推廣日本現代藝術到國際舞台。


• 線上畫廊作為販售媒介
• 線上二手市場畫廊
• 以網路推廣藝術家
• 展覽企劃

線上畫廊作為販售媒介Online gallery as a sales agent
線上二手市場畫廊Online secondary market gallery
推廣新興藝術家For emerging artists
我們致力於發掘及推廣新興藝術家,提供他們線上展售作品的服務,以及與畫廊、收藏家及其他藝術家網路溝通的橋樑。這個特別的系統可供藝術家在不斷成長的網路世界中向國際大眾觀賞者展示他們的作品。 *網路服務僅限於日本藝術家
展覽企劃Exhibition Organizer
我們提供專業的協助與意見來協助藝術家推廣其作品。於2008年我們辦了兩場藝術活動來協助他們。其中一個,Young Artist Japan,藝術家可於現場展售它們的作品並直接銷售於市場。另外一個為現代藝術獎活動,授予被藝術市場中著名的評選人選出的藝術家獎項。
TAGBOAT 獎是主流畫廊、藝術評論者、藝術家等多數專業人士選出之有潛力的新興藝術家的現代藝術獎。除了我們的網站,我們也將提供藝術家一個良好的銷售平台以及推廣他們作品的媒介。

介紹主要成員 @ Gallery Tagboat

• 德光健治(Tokumitsu Kenji), CEO執行長
• 細井呂實(Hosoi Romi), 銷售業務經理


公司名稱 : Gallery TAGBOAT Inc.
成立年分 : 2008年9月
公司概述 : 現代藝術線上畫廊
公司地址 : Kamiyama building 2F,1-1-8 Ningyocho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0013
資本額 : 10,000,000日元
代表主任及執行長 : 德光健治