「今」という時代をアートで発信し続ける。 Communicating the sense of the times, like the “today’s”, with art


On the day I visited the galley, they were just getting ready for the solo exhibition of Shen Chongdao ,“ the portraitof Mao Zedong ” . The expression of those portraits used to be regulated and required a screening to be exhibited. In the white cube, the portraits seem even different in kind. The sense is just like symbolizing “today’s” China. Tokyo Gallery, the first contemporary art gallery in Japan, has been communicating the sense of the times, like the “ today’s” , with art over 60 years. In the 50s, the gallery introduced abstract art such as Lucio Fontana and Jackson Pollock into Japan. Mr. Yukihito Tabata, the younger brother, was quick to focus attention on Chinese contemporary art from the 80s. In 2002, he opened BTAP in Beijing.
Regarding the pioneer spirit of Tokyo Gallery Mr. Hozu Yamamoto, the owner of the gallery, says that the starting point is that his father was originally an antique art dealer. “Getting to know antique art means understanding avant-garde of each era. So I sensuously know what is today’s avant-garde” When choosing an artist, he pays attention whether or not the artist can be placed in the historical context, reflecting the modern age. Now, his highly recommends an artist, Danshaku Miyazawa. This artist depicts a fading subject with a watercolor or pen. Mr.Yamamoto points out that Miyazawa’s artwork express the sense a weak presence of the artist himself in the modern society. On the other hand, his expression is connected to a sense of the vanity of life seen in a picture of ghost of the Edo period.” In the catalogue, Mr. Tsunehiro Uno, an expert on subculture, is providing a review. By daring to connect with pop culture, art that is emblematic to the modern era is provided with a new context and is presented. Tokyo Gallery continues to present sometimes experimental and sometimes defiant artworks, being active both in Tokyo and Beijing. What is coming for the next? It surely is the gallery we always want to keep our eyes on.



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